Miller Marsh Project
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A Promise to Iowa
Conserving Iowa’s Habitat

Cost Share Programs
Webster County PF is here to help with all your habitat improvements.  For those who qualify, we will:
•        Cost share up to 50% of the out-of-pocket cost of shelterbelts, winter habitat, and wetland
•        Provide free corn or grain/forage sorghum seed for winter food plots.
•        Pay $125 per acre to delay the harvest of selected corn and sorghum acres until March 1 of the
 following year and $75 per acre for soybeans and milo.
•        Provide free ear corn during winter to feed upland game birds.  

Talk to any PF committee member or Webster County Conservation (576-4258) for details.

Native Grass Seed
Iowa Pheasants Forever chapters continue to provide quality native grass seed at the lowest possible prices
for all your CRP projects.  Order or receive more information from the Webster County Conservation
Board at Kennedy Park north of Fort Dodge (515) 576-4258.

Summary of 2018 Activities

In 2018, Webster County PF has:
•        Provided grass seed for over 280 acres of native grass plantings.
•        Helped plant 9 food plots totaling 28 acres.
•        Assisted Green County in purchasing 120 acres.
•        Assisted in the purchase of a 55 acre addition to the Carlson Recreation Area southeast of Dayton.
 Webster County chapter gave over $23,000.
•        Purchased a trap thrower for the Iowa Central Sports Shooting team.
•        Supported all kids taking the hunter safety course.
•        Provided two $1,000 scholarships to Webster County graduates for higher education.
•        Provided subscriptions to the Pheasants Forever magazine to all county & school libraries.
•        Provided ear corn for winter Pheasant feeding.
•        Helped perform three controlled burns.